Bullying Has to Stop!

Bullying has to stop counselling Sydney

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in schools, the workplace, the medical system, paramedics, the military, politics, on the roads and even in your local shopping centre.

There seems to be no safe haven from this viscious, damaging, sometimes life threatening behaviour. Sometimes, even the family home may provide no protection from bullying within. Domestic Violence is simply another term for bullying within the home.

Whether bullying is initiated by a sibling or a parent, it is just as damaging. Bullying is one of the main causes of depresssion leading to suicide in young people today.

Some Australian Bullying Statistics

Sources and further information:

How can counselling or mediation help you if you are a victim of bullying?

Christine Bennett offers help through counselling and mediation for people suffering from the effects of bullying behaviour.

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