What is Mental Health?

What is mental health counselling Sydney

When we are mentally healthy we have a sense that all is well in our world. We feel confident with a high level of self-esteem and find fulfillment in our relationships, recreation and work.

When we are mentally healthy we can:

Source and further information:

Government of Western Australia Mental Health Commission

Lifestyle habits that contribute to Mental Health wellness include:

What is mental illness?

"A mental illness is a health problem that significantly affects how a person thinks, behaves and interacts with other people. It is diagnosed according to standardised criteria.

One in 5 Australians will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their lives.

A mental health problem also affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves, but to a lesser extent than a mental illness."

Source and further information:

Government of Western Australia Mental Health Commission

Loneliness and Social Isolation: A Silent Threat to Mental Health

Loneliness and social isolation are not the same thing, but they often go hand in hand. Loneliness is the subjective feeling of being alone, unwanted or disconnected from others, while social isolation is the objective lack of social contact or support. Both can have serious consequences for mental health and well-being.

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Some common mental disorders where counselling can help are:

How can counselling help with your mental health concerns?

Christine Bennett offers help through counselling and psychotherapy.

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